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ten tips on how to get the most from your process server

These are a few ways you can save time and money on your court filings.

Double check your papers before calling us, make sure everything is signed, stamped, etc.

2. Don’t bother with letters to the clerk, they throw them out before reading them. Use sticky notes.

3. Make sure your filing in the right court. You’d be surprised how often people file in the wrong court!

4. Don’t use tabbed dividers for your exhibits, they can’t be scanned, and are thrown out by the clerk. Use stickers at the beginning of each exhibit instead.

5. Tell us about any statutes or other deadlines.

6. Make sure you have the current filing.

7. Call us as early as possible, especially if it’s a rush. The sooner we
know, the sooner we can plan to be sure and have it done on time.

8. Use only full-time professional process servers to ensure your papers
are handled right.

9. Make sure you have the current filing fee, rush fee, etc.

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